You can use our homepage to communicate with the doctors and the nurse, to book appointments and to order earlier prescribed medicine. If your request can not be met online, you will be asked to turn up in person.

To get started:
Press “Log in” in the righthand side menu. For the first log on press “Opret mig som bruger”. Here it is important to fill in the requested information, especially the email address, as its used to send you the pin code for log on. Press “Opret mig” and you will receive a mail from “”.  Use the link to activate your account. You can now log on with your CPR number and your newly made password. If it does not work, contact the secretary and she will give you a new temporary password.
Each person has to have his own profile, so if you you wish to contact us regarding your child, you will have to do it in the childs CPR number, otherwise your request will be refused. You can use the same email address and the same code for all members of the family.